If you are appealing a security clearance denial, there can be an overwhelming number of choices when it comes time to select an attorney. How can you determine who the best security clearance lawyer is or which attorney is the most qualified to handle a “Response to SOR” in your situation? Luckily, the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) provides consumers with a tool for ascertaining an attorney’s true level of experience.

The DOHA website contains a searchable database, allowing consumers to sift through and explore the cases that a lawyer has handled. Before you entrust an attorney with the future of your career and job, type their name into the website’s search field. You may discover that some attorneys who bill themselves as “experts” simply do not have the experience to back up their claims.

If an attorney has provided you with deceptive information, ask them why they would attempt to mislead a potential client. Some law firms may not want to promote their track record. Ask yourself if you would rather have this attorney “in your corner” or a nationally recognized lawyer with trial-tested experience saving jobs and the government-backed data to prove it.

As of Oct 28, 2016, Attorney Alan Edmunds (Alan V. Edmunds) of the Edmunds Law Firm has handled more than 558 hearings that can be publically searched on DOHA’s website. When it comes to matters of national security clearance, he is one of the most experienced attorneys in the United States. Unlike other firms who may attempt to distract clients from the public availability of case results, The Edmunds Law Firm provides clients with straightforward and accurate information about its case history and record.

Attorneys Backed by 40+ Years of Legal Experience

If you have questions about your case and are searching for an experienced security clearance lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Alan Edmunds – who many have called“the best security clearance” lawyer. Your initial consultation with one of the nation’s leading attorneys is provided at no-cost and can be an invaluable experience. The firm has offices across the nation and offers weekend appointments.

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