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Attorney Alan V. Edmunds has been representing clients throughout the United States in matters involving National Security Clearances. These cases are very specialized.

The process by which individuals can obtain security clearances through the Federal Government are very detailed and time consuming. A background investigation is completed by the FBI which includes an examination of credit and criminal history checks. There are numerous record checks made by the FBI on each applicant. Issues of citizenship, family member investigation, verification of biographical data, education and employment history are examined. The process also includes interviews of persons who know the candidate. This may even include a divorced spouse.

National Security Clearance Forms

Often questions arise about completing the forms required to obtain a security clearance. The forms must be completed accurately and truthfully. Issues often surface concerning the completion of these forms. Another common focus in the investigation is the credit history of the applicant. A poor credit history, in and of itself, does not automatically disqualify a candidate from receiving a clearance. A poor credit history, however, will require further scrutiny by the FBI.

If you have questions about security clearance matters, please do not hesitate to call Attorney Alan V. Edmunds. We are pleased to discuss individual cases in a confidential manner. Unfortunately, no promises or guarantees can be made concerning results. Please do not construe anything in this information as a promise or guarantee concerning an individual’s chance of obtaining a security clearance or a legal opinion on a particular case.

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