Many ex-military don’t realize when they get Discharged how important their Discharge Character can affect their future. A BCD or OTH has serious consequences. The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping former Military Upgrade their Discharges for over 40 years. The Upgrade Petition not only includes a request to Upgrade the “Character” but also the “RE” Code.

Many clients want to re-enlist and need the RE Code Upgraded. Attorney Edmunds has the experience and the knowledge to help get this done and improve their lives. 

Job opportunities, loan applications, security clearance applications are some of the things that are all adversely affected. Call us at 800.481.2526 for immediate help. Mr. Edmunds is known as this country’s “Discharge Layer”. He has offices across the United States and can be contacted at

The cost is modest and the law firm offers payment plans if needed.  Why wait? Call today and let’s get started opening up new career opportunities.