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Many people across the country are not aware that The Edmunds Law Firm is available to solve client problems for people who live around the globe. At any moment in time, The Edmunds Law Firm is privileged to serve active duty military and civilian defense contractors deployed from Asia, to the Mediterranean, from Iceland to United Arab Emirates.

Edmunds Law Firm LocationsWhile some people know that The Edmunds Law Firm represents the global community in the area of national security clearances, it is also a fact that we help individuals in the area of Military Law.

Our global influence is an asset to clients. Our San Diego divorce attorneys are experienced in dealing with geographic issues that may impact our clients’ cases. In the area of Military Law, this is a particularly important aspect. In the area of National Security cases, an individual’s conduct while deployed to a foreign country also presents very unique issues. Many times clients are responding to government allegations that their conduct while deployed was a criminal activity. What is legal in some countries may in fact be illegal for purposes of a national security clearance.

Another issue that continues to reappear is that of foreign influence involving clients who marry or date foreign nationals while on deployment. Foreign bank accounts, foreign property holdings and relationships with individuals residing in another country can all result in adverse action by the Department of Defense relative to applications for security clearances.

The Edmunds Law Firm has extensive practice serving our men and women in uniform while they are deployed around the globe. We are available by email, websites, and even Facebook. If you or a colleague have questions, contact The Edmunds Law Firm today. I look forward to speaking with you.


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National Security Clearance

40 years of extensive experience with National Security Clearance problems.

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

The Edmunds Law Firm is a nationally recognized leader in providing Merit Systems Protection Board representation.

Government Debarment and Suspensions

To prepare for a Response to Debarment or Proposed Debarment, evidence proving mitigating factors are essential.

Gomor Defense

Gomor Defense: Defeating The US Army’s Extrajudicial Punishment.

Military Discharge Upgrades

A military discharge occurs when any member of any branch of the armed forces is released from their duties.

Recent Favorable Decisions

Attorney Edmunds has defended over 1,000 Security Clearance and Military matters at trial.