Security Clearance November 2023

“I am forever grateful for your service Mr. Edmund.”

– X.C.

Security Clearance June 2023

“Alan Edmunds Law Firm saves my career and provided justice to my SOR. Their professionalism, extreme knowledge, and continues engagement and fast responses provided high quality documentation and guidance to secure victory and full reinstatement of my clearance. They were always available to respond to any questions or concerns and provided great deal of assistance that made me sleep at night with no worries. I totally recommend them if you need assistance with your clearance. Don’t waste your time and efforts to battle for your clearance on your own. It is worth the money. Thank you Alan and team.”

– S.

Security Clearance April 2023

“Thank you, the firm, and Alan for everything. This has been a life changing event in a positive way. Now me and my family can move on with a renewed lease on my career- as my daughter was married coincidentally right after the date that the positive decision came through. We had double the celebration.

I wish you, Alan and the firm all of the best for the future.”

– D.B.

Security Clearance February 2023

“I wanted to let you know that I received approval today for my secret clearance! Thank you so much for all your help, and if I encounter anyone else that has problems similar to mine…I will certainly refer them to you.”

– J.F.

Military Discharge December 2022

“Dear Mr. Edmunds,

I want to thank you once again for your assistance with my discharge upgrade and provide you a brief update.

We worked together in 2006/2007 on my case, which required a formal hearing in DC. With your assistance I received a favorable decision from the proceedings. At the hearing I stated that it was my intent to re-enter the service should I receive an upgrade to my previous discharge.

In 2008, I joined the California National Guard and graduated OCS. Since that time, I deployed three times to combat zones with one as a Platoon Leader. I have worked full-time for the California National Guard for 10 years now and recently promoted to Major.

Re-entering the service has provided my life meaning and the ability to raise a family. This was all due to your efforts and again, thank you.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.”

– R.G.

Security Clearance November 2022

“After having a telephone consultation with Mr. Edmunds, my process concluded successful. I believe Mr. Edmunds guidance was instrumental in getting the outcome I needed and appreciate his guidance.”

– J.B.

Security Clearance October 2022

“Edmunds Law Firm saved my career! I struggled to get my security clearance, I wouldn’t have done it alone and with the expertise from this the law firm. Brittany was excellent, patient, and understood every aspect of my situation. I really do appreciate the Edmunds Law Firm office staff like Brittany and Victoria and of course Mr. Alan.
You guys saved me by processing my reapplication regarding my security clearance.

Thank you for getting my life back on track and saving my career!”

– M.A.

Security Clearance August 2022

I wanted to give you an update on my case. I completed and passed my polygraph two weeks ago with Homeland Security. The polygraph was conducted just like you warned me. The test lasted for 7 hours and the polygrapher was indeed the biggest liar in the room. Additionally, I completed my physical with them as well. After completing the exam, I was offered a full time position with Homeland Security.
Thank you for all of your help throughout the process.”

– B.F.

Security Clearance July 2022

“Mr. Edmunds,
This is wonderful news! Thanks to your great and accomplished skills in supporting my case. Yes, I will definitely tell my colleagues of our success and provide you as a reference. This has absolutely lifted the burden off my Security Clearance status.”

– D.F.

Security Clearance June 2022

“Attorney Edmunds,
I also wanted to let you know that my experience with you as a client thus far has been a huge breath of fresh air in comparison to what I have experienced with two other attorneys who could be well described as unscrupulous. The level of service you are providing really is dramatically superior. Thank you for what you do Sir. ”

– D.D.

Security Clearance May 2022

“Thank you. I read it and it looks outstanding, beyond anything I imagined. I’ll be praying for a positive outcome. Thank you to you and your team for being responsive and polite. I’ve dealt with a few firms (divorces, elder law) and my experience with you and your firm has been a pleasant surprise. I have a feeling it may be the Texas mentality and if so, I’d like to move there.”

– L.C.

Security Clearance May 2022

I just wanted to send a quick personal note to say thanks for defending me and helping me through my case. I appreciate the time and the direct manner in which you helped me prepare and ensure I was in the best position for an honest and successful trial. I wish you all the best in your personal and professional life, and am truly grateful for the work you do. Take care.”

– D.H.

Security Clearance May 2022

“I am so grateful to the Edmunds Law firm; they helped me in my hour of need. They listened to my situation and handled my proposed debarment case expeditiously. Their pricing was much more reasonable than other law firms. The legal team made feel that I was in good hands. They were experienced, professional and walked me through step by step to get judgment in my favor. I would recommend this firm to all service members.”

– C.T.

Security Clearance May 2022

“Edmunds Law team,
I’ve already heard from CG Security Center by email. Attached is the (redacted for PII) memo to retain my Secret Clearance, restore my access to spaces that handle classified material – and ultimately keep my job.

You guys really knew what would work to get this done.

THANKS very much for your help with this. Great job!!”

– E.A.

Security Clearance April 2022

“Good morning,
I just want to Thank you all for assisting me with my Security Clearance issues. I will highly recommend you to anyone who runs into problems with their security clearance . I appreciate so much what you’ve done!
Stay Well”

– S.A.

Security Clearance April 2022

“Great morning to you all,
This morning I received favorable adjudication of my clearance. I want to express the utmost gratitude to you excellent attorneys.”

– C.G.

Security Clearance March 2022

“I can’t say enough about the Edmunds Law firm. They helped every step of the way including prepping all documents and making sure they were all there. I was able to settle before the hearing because of all the evidence and documentation that they had prepped! All the stress and waiting were made easier because I had them representing me. I even had a situation where they got me a new judge and to start over because of an error on the government’s end! With the flat-rate fee, I never had to worry about what it was going to cost with all of the extra work also! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them and have the confidence I have without them!!”

– C.D.

Security Clearance January 2022

“Again, your work is exceptional and I am sincerely grateful for your professional commitment.”

– C.L.

Security Clearance January 2022

“Hello Alan,
Just letting you know the good news that I’ve been placed on the Continuous Evaluation program and maintained my clearance eligibility. I submitted my SF-86 and heard back from my security officer today.

Thank you so much for your help with wording the SF-86 and getting me through the process.”

– D.H.

Security Clearance January 2022

“Indeed this is great news. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I was extremely impressed with your firms approach and the package that was created. I will definitely refer Edmunds Law Firm to any colleague that finds themselves in a similar situation and will be providing a review of your service as I am extremely grateful. Thank you again!”

– J. B.

Security Clearance November 2021

“Had a couple things come up due to some misunderstanding and decided to call The Edmunds Law Firm. I spoke with Alan on the very first call and it was decided to press forward. The team at Edmunds Law Firm was professional, responsive and very helpful. They gave me the guidance to obtain all the information, documents, and other requirements necessary for them to compile and submit an appeal on my behalf and a favorable decision was made. Absolutely thrilled and I appreciate them very much. Hate to say it, but they dont charge enough. What a steal!! Thanks for your services. Now on with life!”

– A. R.

Security Clearance October 2021

“I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and especially in prepping all the binders. Incredible job. The DOHA attorney also had an array of binders. The Judge commented to him probably three times (or more) regarding documents out of place or mislabeled. I don’t recall a single time any of your docs came into question.”

– P. M.

Security Clearance September 2021

“Mr. Edmunds,

I received a favorable adjudication from DoD CAF on 13 September which was one business day after your team submitted my package for the interrogatories response. I am simply amazed by this result! Your firm’s reputation is well earned.

Your team was very responsive and produced an amazing result for my case! Bethany Kotur did an outstanding job of assembling my interrogatory package and was always quick to respond to any of my questions regarding the process.

I sincerely thank you for your representation and for your assistance in helping me to preserve my Air Force career.


– J. E.

Security Clearance July 2021

“Mr. Edmunds,
My clearance came back approved. I can’t thank you enough for your services. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

– A. L.

Security Clearance June 2021

“Mr. Edmunds and team,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for representing me through this difficult trail, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. My family and I will be eternally grateful to you and your team for the opportunity. Because of your expertise I would be able to keep my job and provide to my family. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, time and effort.”

– R.F.

Security Clearance April 2021

“I just wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for all the work that you have done in this almost two year process. I just read the appeal and I think it was perfectly written.”

– L.U.

Security Clearance March 2021

“I cannot thank you and everyone at Edmunds Law Firm enough for the work you put into my response!
It seemed like you never took a holiday off while all this was going on, and that dedication gave me true peace of mind even with all the uncertainty about the fate of my career.”

– N.K.

Security Clearance February 2021

“ESQ Bayerle,
I am grateful for you completing this and working with me through this.”

– W.H.

Security Clearance February 2021

“Thank you so much Alan, I have put my packet as asked to Los Alamos National Laboratory for the Navy system in Trident. I appreciate all your teams hard work and dedication. I will refer you to all customers that need your law efforts.”

– R.K.

Security Clearance November 2020

I want to thank you both for your help. Because of your hard work my clearance has been reinstated. Thanks again 🙂

– N.R.

Family Law October 2020

“Highly Appreciate. You all are true Blessing for my daughter and I. Thank you!”

– Y.P.W.

Family Law July 2020

“Thank you! Divorce is definitely ugly I’m glad to have you representing me! That’s great news knowing there is a end in sight.”

– T.M.

Security Clearance July 2020

“Got it and her clearance has been favorable adjudicated, and she knows. Your team is awesome. Yay!”

– M.B.

Security Clearance May 2020

“Edmunds Law Firm you saved my career, I could not thank you all enough. A big weight off my shoulders I could work now knowing I am not in risk of termination. Please Thank the whole team for me especially Brittany who was very helpful and patient with me. The response she help me write up was EXCELLENT and I knew as soon as she sent it that everything was going to be fine. Thank you Brittany thank you all please let me know where I can write my review for the company and lay down a 10 star for the Firm. ”

– K. K.

Security Clearance May 2020

“Thank you so much for your hard work. Truly something to celebrate during this crazy time… I will definitely refer you to any one in need and would have done so regardless of result.”

– J. B.

Security Clearance May 2020

“I highly recommend using Alan Edmunds Office if you have a security clearance issue. He helped me get my clearance back with foreign preference and influence restricting my clearance. He and his team were able to help me and they accomplished this just through electronic means.”

– K.P.

Security Clearance February 2020

“Thank you for your experience and expertise today. You did a great job of capturing as much of my story as we could in the time given. I hope it comes out in my favor.”

– J.B.

Security Clearance February 2020

“Thank you all so much for making it a success!!! Couldn’t have done it without you.”

– A.M.

Military Discharge Upgrade – February 2020

“This email is in reference to the discharge characterization change. Today I received the letter upgrading my discharge to a general under honorable conditions. I’m grateful to God and to you for your help and services. I would like in the near future to apply for the honorable discharge.”

– L.G.

Security Clearance January 2020

“Thank you so much for everything. I can be very honest and say this I cried because the news was so good.”

– A.C.

Security Clearance January 2020

“I just want to thank you and your team for the outstanding work you did for me.
My security department said my case was the fastest overturned that they have seen.”

– D.S.

Security Clearance October 2019

“I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you, Mr. Edmunds and your professional staff for giving me the proper guidance, support and representation during my DOHA Hearing until I regained my security clearance back. I will always recommend you to my friends and colleagues. I will also add a well deserved review in your website as part of my accomplishments and successes. ”

– A.S.

Security Clearance September 2019

“My case has been favorably adjudicated for SCI as of today.

Thank you all so much for your efforts on my behalf. I know without your guidance and effort; the result may have been very different. If anyone I know ever have a problem, I will direct them to you! Thank you,”

– A.L.

Security Clearance September 2019

“My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your work on his case. I had no doubts, not once, about the outcome. The way in which you facilitated and refereed the courtroom session – with profound expertise, assertiveness, and sheer professionalism, these things were the strengthening factors that the case needed. Thank you.

We are grateful for your work and professionalism. We also are grateful for your support team, specifically Kassidy Lankford. What an amazing job she has done. Thank you, Kassidy, for keeping us on tp of the needed documentation.

If there is anything that we can do to continue to support the phenomenal work and expertise that you provide, please, do not hesitate to ask us.”

– M.D.

Security Clearance September 2019

“Everything came back favorably. I’m back in business. This is the second time this firm has helped me and I want to thank you and the firm for the outstanding work.
I will be recommending you to everyone I know that runs into such issues. ”

– P.M.

Security Clearance August 2019

“I got the clearance!!!!!!

Thank you for your invaluable advice. I’m so glad I contacted you the moment I got the psych eval letter. Thank you for your advice. I would have made 100 mistakes that would have led to a SoR.”

– K.O.

Security Clearance July 2019

“I have also received an email from our Security that my clearance was granted. Thank you for all for helping me get my clearance back, I really appreciate your help. Everyone that I contacted at your company has been very professional and helpful.”

– A.B.

Security Clearance July 2019

Just wanted to express gratitude for handling this matter expeditiously and very early on. It is my belief the packet we initially submitted (request for return of credentials and firearm) helped the agency adjudicate in a positive manner. A re-instatement of my clearance will take affect once I’m done in-briefing. The suspension did not even make it to a LOI or SOR stage. I hope you gentlemen are having a wonderful weekend. I cannot thank you enough.

– P.C.

Security Clearance July 2019

Good afternoon, I was notified yesterday that my security clearance has been reinstated. I just want to say thank you to the Alan Edmund’s law firm for your help and understanding during this stressful process. You certainly have this down to a science and your expertise shows. I am very pleased with every aspect of the experience of working with your group. I have referred a few people to you because of the professionalism and ability to provide true, accurate, and retaliative advice. Thank you again!

– G.D.

Security Clearance June 2019

“I would like to take this time to thank you for the outstanding job that you have done at the hearing yesterday. We could not have been more pleased. You were well prepared, well-composed, quick-witted and exemplified what great attorneys do, and why they are good at it.

[…]No matter how the case turns out, we are glad that it is over, and we are grateful for having had you as an Attorney.  Your honesty  and openness has played an integral  role in relieving Marc of a great deal of apprehension, and that goes a long way in our world.

I cannot imagine NOT recommending or directing one towards the path of the Edmunds Law Firm, that are in need of the services that you provide. The level of involvement and the accessibility that we have received from day one has been just incredible!!! I cannot thank you enough.”

– R.D.

Department of Defense, Ft Meade, Maryland
Security Clearance – April 2019

“I want to thank all of you for the splendid professionalism and representation you provided. For many months I have had this huge weight upon me and you have been critical in lifting it off my shoulders. I will forever be grateful for what you have done. I would (and will) highly recommend your firm”

– P. M.

NSA, Ft Meade, Maryland
Security Clearance – April 2019

“Good morning sir,

I received a letter from the hearing chair person. Great news. They approved continuing with my clearance process.

My first stop this morning will be in our chairman‘s office to share the news with him.

I can’t express enough my thanks to you and your team for your support in this matter.

Your success in navigating me through this process has given me new life.”

– S. B.

Security Clearance – April 2019

“I received notification this morning that my secret clearance was granted. I want to thank you and all the individuals that worked on this case. Thank you!”

– R. C.

Security Clearance – April 2019

“I am utterly grateful to you and the staff at Edmunds for the excellent job you did on my case. I would be delighted to share my experience with as many forums as possible.
Thank you again for a job well done.

– S.R.

Security Clearance – April 2019

“Thank you for doing your best today. Your argument seemed very convincing and I am very happy with your representation no matter how it goes. I hope I didn’t mess everything up with that one wrong answer so that you can get that win. Maybe I was too truthful. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.”

– B.C.

Security Clearance – April 2019

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful news! I have seen personally great work, consistently follow up and action taken regarding my case with good advice. The results come with good news. I’m very thankful to all of you and special thank you to Mr. Alan Edmunds.

– A.G.

Security Clearance – March 2019

“Ms. Ryan & Mr. Edmunds,

I found out yesterday from the Raleigh recruiting headquarters that my security clearance passed! Thank you so much for your help with this process. (I’m pleasantly surprised with such a quick turnaround).

So I should hear back this week about my leave date for Officer Development School in Rhode Island and start my career as a Naval Officer (Medical Social Worker).

I really enjoyed working with Ms. Ryan and feel strongly that she is an asset to your team. I sent documents to her with short notice and felt that she multitasks very well.

Thank you again for your help.”

– S.G.


  • I’ve achieved a lot and have become ever more successful in business and my career

    I was contemplating life in the New Year. I’ve achieved a lot and have become ever more successful in business and my career. I couldn’t have done it without you and the impact you had on my life.

    Thank you. I will continue to work hard, smart, and to contribute back to the U.S.
    I hope you and your family are doing amazing! Please send my regards.

    – S.A.

  • He felt like one of the family

    Alan,was recommended to me by a friend. So I sent Alan an email and expected to wait a while but Alan responded to me within a few hours I was very impressed. His awareness of my situation and his willingness to jump right in with ideas is what I was looking for. By the time I was done working with Alan he felt like one of the family. I strongly recommend Alan for any legal help. You will not only be satisfied but you will gain a new friend along the way. Thanks Alan.

    – Client



    His knowledge empowered me to act quickly

    I consulted Alan for an employment issue and then a contract issue. His knowledge empowered me to act quickly when my former employer jeopardized my license. I was pleased with his legal advice and his concern on my behalf. I highly recommend his services.

    – Client

    San Diego


    I am very glad that my case had been processed and resulted. I’m very grateful of all the help you and the firm provided to me. You are very reliable :)

    – Family Law Client


    Hi Alan: I know you already know this, but I just wanted you to hear it from Renee and I that we [with] regard [to] Steven Smith as the best of the best. We were super impressed with how he presented our case in court today, and how professionally he conducted himself. We won, but the reason we won so decisively is because of the skills Steven Smith displayed in court. His grasp of the case was superb and his presentation was flawless. Your firm is indeed fortunate to have him on staff. Best,

    – Applicant

    Carlsbad, CA


  • I want to thank you and the Law Firm for working with me through this crazy year, you guys have made it easy on me to make decisions for myself and my daughter while educating me on what is best! After seeing first-hand how my Husband’s lawyer has handled this it shows me just how lucky I am that I choose your Firm!

    – Family Law Client

    San Diego, CA


    Thanks very much for taking care of this case in a timely manner. Also, I appreciate the patience you showed during key times.

    – Family Law Client

    San Diego, CA


    Dear Danielle, Thank you for your services, you are very good at what you do.

    – Family Law Client

    San Diego, CA


    Attorney Victor turned my custody case around in my favor ! I am so grateful to him for listening to me and telling the judge about my concerns when my children are with their father when he drinks.” My children are a lot safer now……

    – Mrs. B.W.

    Carlsbad, CA


  • Alan thank you for an outstanding job with my son’s DUI case. This was his 3rd DUI and you kept him out of jail. Your experience and confidence made a huge difference.

    – Mr. T.H.

    Vista, CA


    Thank you again for everything you both have done for me. I’m sure walking into the middle of this case has been a little disorienting and I appreciate your ability to jump in and run with it.

    – Ms. M.J.


    Paula, Serena and Victoria I cannot express how thankful I am to have had your office to help me . . . I don’t think you will ever know how incredibly thankful I am that you all worked with me thought all of these struggles and hard times . . . but most of all thank you so much for helping me to keep my boys out of harms way and helping me fight. I will always tell everyone and recommend your office and work to anyone and everyone I know, an anytime I need help I will retain you guys.

    – Ms. B.L.

    Vista, CA

  • Dear Mr. Edmunds and The Edmunds Law Firm, I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking and handling my dissolution case. I greatly appreciate it and I would recommend you guys to anyone. Very Respectfully,

    – Mr. B.M.


  • This is a small token of our appreciation for all you have done to help our family. Thank you for everything! I am so happy to be back at work! Your office is amazing and such a GOD send. Thank you again and GOD BLESS you! We are so very THANKFUL!

    – N.H.


    Attorney Edmunds, Thank you for your assistance today. Your confidence and professional demeanor speaks for itself and it put clients at ease. Thanks for your sternness (I needed that), I have shed tears and worried for too long and the tears are gone I am ready to tackle this case head on.


    I wanted to say thank you for all your help and time assisting me with my case. I did receive all the final paperwork. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the firm in helping me settle my divorce. I will definitely turn to the Edmunds Law Firm for future legal assistance.

    – Mr. C.M.

    San Diego, CA

  • Thank you all so much for your hard work on my behalf. I am so relieved with the judge’s ruling! Sincerely,

    – R.W.


  • Thanks again for all your assistance today. 🙂 On a side note, please pass my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to Corey for his patience in answering my many questions this morning. The genuine personal effort he took to eliminate my concerns was comforting. Almost immediately I could sense his empathy towards the circumstances and based on his experience I’m hopeful that this terrible situation can be resolved soon. It makes me feel a huge sense of relief knowing that a dear friend of mine is in good hands. Warmest Regards,

    – L.A.


    Thank you for all the help during such a terrible time! I appreciate everyone’s help! Sincerely,

    – P.Z.


    Thank you for your reply. You are always prompt and professional.

    – J.W.

  • Good Morning Sir, Just wanted to say thank you very much for the help and assistance yesterday at court. I’m very happy with your service and I will definitely recommend you and the firm to anybody who might need a lawyer. Please let me know if you need anything else from me and once again thank you.

    – V.B.


  • I really appreciate you winning that hearing for me, a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders

    – M.D.


    I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping me get through this difficult process of divorce. I could have not done it without your professional help. I know it does not end here and I’m expecting more with regards to the kids. Atty. Shirin, thanks for your patience and your expertise in trying to explain things to me. I just needed time to process all the information yesterday and for making me understand what is best for me. There were some things that just don’t seem right from what was asked from me yesterday and I knew from my heart is not right and just and had to think several times and decide. But with your wisdom and Atty. Julia’s support, I was able to understand better. Susan, thanks for putting everything together, your conciseness in writing the case and for keeping me informed in a timely manner. Atty. Julia, thank you for your encouragement and reassuring words. You always gives me sense of peace when you make yourself available to answer my questions. Edmunds Law Firm must be proud of having such great and professional attorneys like you.

    – L.G.


    I would like to thank the Edmunds Law Firm for all there help and assistance in this matter, I have to say I will refer any person I know that needs this type of service to your office. My family and I thank you for your hard work and commitment.

    – Applicant

  • I received a voice message from my employer human resource late last Friday indicating that DONCAF has determined to cancel my clearance suspension and that I am now eligible for clearance security. I am so happy of this great news. I will be back to duty tomorrow to meet security office and HR office for paper procedures. Thank you very much for your best efforts and help on my case.

    – Applicant


  • Thank you so much Mr. Alan. I would be happy to offer my referral to anyone that I know would need your service. Your help truly speaks volumes about your great work.

    – Applicant

    Oaktown, VA


    You will be happy to know that my clearance was granted. Thanks for all of the help.

    – Applicant

    Marina, CA


    Thank you so much for all of your hard work on my case! I CAN FINALLY GO BACK TO WORK! YEAH!

    – Applicant

    Carlsbad, CA

  • Vanessa, I checked with my security manager and I saw for myself that I was granted my clearance by AFCAF on the system that he uses. I think he was on his system today when he saw an alert pop in with my name on it. I think he might have not received the letter yet because we found out just today but if I do get anything from them regarding my clearance I will definitely fax it to you. Thanks for your expertise!

    – Applicant

    Minneapolis, MN


  • Just a big “Thank You” for your hard work in handling my case. I am back at work and things are like normal.

    – Applicant

    Birmingham, AL


    I am really happy to receive this approval email, which we were waiting for a long time. I am thankful to you for your hard work and a big thank to the attorney who had managed the case, which shows his expertise. I am also thankful to the Edmunds Law Firm for having knowledgeable staff. Thanks again.

    – Applicant

    Naperville, IL


    Hello, I spoke with my company’s security personnel today. They informed me that, from everything they have access to,shows my clearance has been restored. I have my Top Secret clearance back and I can regain the SCI portion if required. It seems that my next interview for an update will be in 2014. So, I guess before I close this e–mail I will give you my heart–felt thanks for your help in this matter. Once again, Thank You!

    – Applicant



    I would like to extend to you my gratitude and humble thanks for what your firm did for me during my Administrative hearing, which specifically dealt with my security clearance. Your expertise, attention to detail, professionalism and personal touch was demonstrated during the entire process. Your staff exemplified a behavior of excellence that was above reproach. I can say without a doubt your experience, knowledge and zeal to be successful, goes beyond any other firm working with security clearances. My family will forever be grateful.

    – Applicant