Divorce & Deployment

San Diego Divorce Lawyers with Military Law Experience

If you ask any active duty military member that is going through a divorce what is the biggest obstacle they face, the answer will be, time and again, deployment. Being out of the country while their spouse attempts to dissolve their marriage in state court is a problem. It is not a problem without solutions, however.

The Edmunds Law Firm and our divorce attorneys in San Diego have more than 40 years of combined military law and family law experience. This combination of practice focus, and our hospitality shown to all of our clients, has earned us a reputation for being one of the best military divorce law firms in California. We are not limited to the Golden State, as we proudly serve and assists clients nationwide.

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We Have Your Back During Your Divorce

As an active duty service member, you undoubtedly have plenty of problems on your plate that need your immediate attention. The thought of dropping everything to focus on your divorce proceeding across borders and probably an ocean may be completely out of the question. Our San Diego military law attorneys are here to give you the support and counsel necessary in all matters pertaining to divorce, while also acting on your behalf when dealing with your ex-spouse in mediation or addressing the court during litigation.

  • Aspects of divorce that will need to be addressed include:
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Move-away cases

Biggest Military Divorce Mistake

Managing a divorce case while actively deployed can be understandably stressful. The notion gives many of the country’s best military members hesitance to start the divorce process. Take it from our law firm with more than three decades’ worth of experience: do not wait until you return from deployment to file for divorce.

Encouraging or creating unnecessary delays are the biggest mistake you can make when going through a military divorce. If you wait to file, your spouse in the States could take it as an opportunity to abuse financial accounts or hide assets that may have otherwise gone to you. Filing as soon as you can also ensures that military child custody and visitation are involved in the divorce.

Legal Counsel Delivered with Respect & Gratitude

The Edmunds Law Firm also helps active duty military personnel with security clearance problems, custody concerns, and military discharges. Our San Diego divorce attorneys can take cases coast-to-coast, and we travel wherever needed for our clients. Call 800.481.2526 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.